Pastor Joseph praising Jesus for Souls saved and Bibles given this day to the church .
Dear Ones,
          Thank you for letting me come into your inbox so soon after my last blog. I am asking for your help. Where two or three are gathered together in Christ's name, He is there with them. 
          I have been helping a growing church in a small village in Kenya now for some months    
.My ministry has been able to give the church a large number of Bibles in English and their language.
 Pastor Joseph and his wife along with the church board have been seeing an explosion of growth for their church during this time !
But I am just a small drop of water in this world and I cannot do as much as I wish I could for them.

 I invite you to seek out the  website I created for the ministry  and learn of them and the work they are doing.

Thank you Lord Jesus!

"The Samaritans Purse" , Franklin Graham's Bible based Christian organization is over in Kenya as well in many other countries. They are considering helping Pastor Joseph and the church right now. Being over here in the states, I was able to contact the right people and they in turn contacted them. This would be such a blessing for these people as they are so hungry for more of our Lord Jesus. Their faith is pure, strong, and unwavering. Like a child''s faith. That is how I think of them. How I wish that more of the churches over here in the USA had just an inch of their love for Christ and showed it in deeds and love to their neighbors.
The point being is this. I would like you to first do the most important thing you can do for Pastor Joseph, his wife, and all the church members in this village in Kenya.
 Please send Prayer arrows to our Lord each and everyday to intercede that their church will continue to grow, that they will bring more and more souls to Christ and continue to help the helpless. Those who have no family, homes because of HIV,AIDs , extreme poverty, & loss of hope. If you are able and would like to help them more, please contact the Ministry on their site or myself.  If you can't , then God Bless you for Praying. After all, God is able to do ALL things when we ourselves just can't. Please pass this on to others who might be wanting to help Christians growing a church in Kenya if you would. Remember those Prayer  Arrows every day our dear Pastor Joseph.  I know you will be blessed for those Pray ers! Thank you so much for listening! Please go to the website !
In Christ,
Pastor Dobi 

Pastor Joseph Maroa

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