Nyamagagana Dobi Ministry
This new Ministry has been started by Pastor Joseph Maroa Itembe in 
Kehancha - Nyanza-Kenya.
It is a Ministry for Orphans and Widows.  This past October 10th, the Pastor and children held a "celebration" in honor of one of my Sisters in Christ Birthday!    I was so touched to see the wonderful sign that they had made for us, to include us in their love , the Beautiful Love or our Lord Jesus Christ our Saviour !
They are in a very humble position and ask for your Prayers . Pastor Joseph has requested 80 bibles for their congregation.
Please pray that I will be able to get these Bibles to them.  Pray that the Ministry there will continue to Bless the little ones and all who come seeking the Love of our Lord Jesus Christ ! Thank you ! Pastor Dobi  I share with you now the letter Pastor Joseph sent this Ministry:
To Pastor Dobi,
   I greet you in the name of Jesus Christ,
I'm greatful because of the celebration we are going celebrate at one womans' home who is a widow.Me together with the church e are very happy because of this celebration.
  The celebration will start on 8/10/2010 at 7.30pm with prayers until 11.30pm , and then
the following day on 9/10/2010 we shall start at 9.00am .It will be a great celebration because many visitors will be with us and we pray that you please pray for us to get money to use for buying foor in the celebration and other things.
We also need your prayers because we are very glad to hold such a celebration which is the first one in Africa -Kenya.Let it not pass without us celebrating, if we celebrate we shall be very happy.
We are really praying for you because of this celebration.
God bless you.

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